EU’s Brexit insanity


As David Davis embarks upon another Brexit negotiating round with his opposite number in Brussels, let’s take a rain check.

The EU 27 export over £300 billion of goods to the UK each year.  They do so tariff free and make a healthy trade surplus in doing so.  Huge numbers of jobs within the EU and the livelihoods of millions of families depend on that trading relationship.  You might think, therefore, that the No.1 priority for the EU27 in their Brexit negotiations with the UK would be in securing that crucial economic relationship.  Wouldn’t you?

Well, you’d be wrong.

It is abundantly clear that the EU elite and their ridiculous “negotiator” Mr Barnier have no interest protecting those jobs and livelihoods.  Their sole priority is to protect the edifice they are building, namely the authoritarian,  centralised European superstate they call “the Union”.  They believe that in order to protect their cherished dream of an “ever closer union” of European states, they must be seen to punish anyone who steps out of line.  The Greeks briefly rebelled against “the Union” but inevitably were crushed.  Their gigantic economic mess left them too weak to resist.

But the UK, for all its problems, is a different beast.  A majority of its voters had the guts to resist an unprecedented campaign of fear during the UK’s 2016 referendum.  Despite large numbers of people no doubt being cowed and scared into voting Remain, astonishingly a majority still voted to leave the EU.

Despite various attempts since last June to derail the referendum decision, the UK remains on track to leave in March 2019.  Meantime, the biggest threat to a successful Brexit outcome continues to be from within.  Divisions within the government as to how to approach Brexit and the treacherous manoeuvrings of the opposition threaten to weaken our negotiating stance at the very moment when we need them to be strong.

It is time to put the remoaners in their place.

Upside down negotiations

The EU is terrified of the impact of losing the UK’s enormous budget contributions – believed to be net figure of around £10 billion a year.  It has continued to press – absurdly – for the UK to pay a golden goodbye in the form of a “Brexit bill”.  There is no legal liability for such a payment to be made and no justification for it.  But by trying to strong arm the UK and refusing to talk about trade, they are hoping to bully the British people (or rather the politicians representing them) into easing the EU’s budgetary headache after we’ve gone.  Their gambit is to refuse to talk about their own £300 billion trading relationship with the UK until we surrender on the “Brexit bill”.  They no doubt derive encouragement from the “useful idiots” (i.e. the remoaners) in the UK establishment tweeting their support.

Article 50(2) of the EU Treaty, very sensibly envisages that when a member state leaves the EU, the parties need to resolve not only exit terms but also at the same time how they will trade with each other going forward.

The EU is wilfully departing from that obligation.  It refuses to discuss both aspects of Brexit

Its conduct is reprehensible.  It is also irresponsible.

How much longer are elected politicians in EU countries going to sit back and allow Barnier and his cronies to behave in this fashion?  It is insanity.

Wake up call

If no deal is reached with the EU concerning future trade, then from the end of March 2019, the parties will fall back on WTO rules.  Tariffs will be imposed on the £300 billion of goods sold by the EU to the UK (and vice versa).  But with the pound having fallen so far in value and with a big deficit on trade with the EU, this can only hurt EU exporters harder than it will hit the UK.

The grown ups in the EU, elected politicians there and business leaders need to wake up and fast.  If they do not, then they will find their dole queues lengthening and their export markets shrinking.    The UK may not emerge unscathed.  But – politicians permitting – we at least will have the freedom to take measures to protect ourselves.   We can lower taxes and cut regulation to make the UK even more attractive for overseas investment and job creation.  We can open up markets through free trade relationships with other countries.    By contrast, the EU is sluggish and cumbersome.  It cannot do anything quickly or flexibly.

If Brexit proves to be a success, it is the beginning of the end for the EU.

Torn apart by the migrant crisis and soon to be squabbling over who will make up the budget shortfall caused by the UK’s exit, it is unlikely that Britain will be the last country to leave.

Stay firm Mr Davis.  This is a defining moment for the country.


Remoaners are the EU’s “useful idiots”


In politics, a “useful idiot” (or “useful fool”) is a person perceived as a propagandist for a cause, the goals of which they are not fully aware of, and who is used cynically by the leaders of that cause.  It’s a term coined during the Russian revolution in 1917 which is making a comeback in Brexit Britain.

In the run up to the UK’s referendum on EU membership, barely a day went by without a relentless barrage of increasingly hysterical “Project fear” propaganda from the pro-EU side,  warning us of instant economic disaster if we dared to vote Leave.

Since 23 June 2016, virtually none of those predictions have proved to be correct.  Apart from the fall in sterling (which has its upsides too), supporters of the Project Fear mantra have largely been discredited.  The instant doom they promised us has not happened.  So they’ve been forced to change tactics.

Now, we are told, Brexit is going to be a disaster.  This Project Fear Mark 2 has been in action for months now.  Every piece of pro-EU news is trumpeted as proof of how silly we’ve been to think of leaving.  Meanwhile, every possible effort is made to denigrate the UK government and the country and to convince us all that resistance to staying in the EU is futile.

Something has happened to those “Remainers” who supported staying in the EU before the referendum.  Many of them have morphed into what we now call “Remoaners”.

These Remoaners display common characteristics.

They pour vitriol on those who voted to leave and dismiss all of us as dimwits and racists who fell for a slogan on a bus.  Yes really.  They want to set aside the referendum result and would happily ignore the clear majority vote to leave.

They lost the biggest democratic vote the UK has ever had.  But they refuse to accept it.

“Useful idiots”

In the process, however,  they do nothing but divide and undermine the country.

To the EU’s Brexit negotiators they have become what Lenin used to describe as “useful idiots”.  By suggesting that we might yet change our minds on Brexit and reverse the decision, they simply encourage Brussels to believe that being aggressive and unhelpful to Britain will yield results.

The ridiculous demand made of the UK to pay a so-called “Brexit bill” for which there is no legal case whatsoeveris part and parcel of that, as are dire warnings of lories queuing for miles to the channel ports while customs paperwork is completed.  Given that most of the goods travelling across the channel are actually goods coming from the rest of the EU to Britain, such threats are insane.  Yet such is the detachment of the pampered bureaucrats who run the EU, that they simply don’t understand – nor appear to care -what damage they will do to the lives of ordinary people whose jobs and livelihoods depend on smooth trade with Britain.

But never mind –  the Remoaners are right behind them.

Cracking up?

After years of the UK economy outperforming most of the EU,  few months of data have been cited as proof by the Remoaners that it’s all going pear-shaped for Britain.  A bank that employs thousands in the UK opens a representative office in Germany for a handful of staff and suddenly the Remoaners scream that all our jobs are going abroad.  You know the drill:  British agriculture will die without foreign fruit pickers; the NHS will collapse without migrants.  And so on.

It’s nonsense.

Yet astonishingly, so determined are these new Project Fear merchants that the UK should suffer after Brexit that they would rather scupper any chance of a UK trade deal with our single most important trading partner – the US – rather than see us succeed.    Yes, so desperate have the Remoaners become, that even hapless chlorinated chickens have been drafted into the forefront of Project Fear’s arguments.  Never mind the millions of poisoned Dutch eggs brimming with illegal insecticides that the EU allowed to be imported into the UK.   They don’t matter.

Personally,  I think the Remoaners are cracking up.