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The real lesson from the Juncker dinner

Remoaners: wrong as usual As usual, the Remoaners have drawn completely the wrong conclusions from the disgraceful leaking of what allegedly happened when Theresa May met EU officials for dinner on 26 April.  One after the other, they have dutifully lined up to do the EU’s bidding and showing an astonishing gullibility,  have tweeted their… Continue reading The real lesson from the Juncker dinner

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Budget disgrace. Cut aid now.

When the Conservatives won a majority in the 2015 election, many Tory voters believed that they would at long last see some genuine conservative policies being implemented – like lower taxes and cuts in public spending.   Having thrown off the millstone of having to share government with the awful  LibDems, now Cameron and Osborne could… Continue reading Budget disgrace. Cut aid now.