Article 50 · Brexit

The Lords: Enemies of the people

The arrogance of the Remoaner peers in the House of Lords is breathtaking.  One after the other, they have taken to their feet to spout the usual Remoaner drivel about Brexit (i.e. those who voted out didn’t know what they were voting for, no one voted to leave the single market, no one voted to be made poorer blah blah blah).

Every time they vote through an idiotic amendment to the Article 50 bill, they stab the UK in the back.  All they are doing is weakening our negotiating position with Brussels.   By contrast, for such a divided  group of countries, the EU has so far shown commendable self-discipline in ruling out any discussions with the UK ahead of our triggering Article 50.  They must be pleased to see the Remoaners doing their dirty work for them and undermining the UK from within.

By doing what they are doing, the Lords are signalling encouragement to the EU to strike an intransigent tone in negotiations in the hope that the UK may yet be bullied into stepping back from the brink and choose to stay in.

The referendum result was decisive.  The huge majority in the House of Commons in favour of the unamended Article 50 bill was another sign of UK resolve.  It was a clear message to Brussels that the country -despite propaganda to the contrary – remains united.  What a shame that their Lordships and Ladyships couldn’t do the decent thing and vote the bill through without further ado.

The House of Commons has a democratic and national duty to strike down the Lords wrecking amendments and demand that the Article 50 bill be passed unamended and without further delay.  Anything less than that would be an affront to our democracy.

The cronies and placemen who inhabit the Lords must be put back in their box.  It is time to strip the upper house of its ability to force changes to legislation and to reduce it to an advisory capacity only.  The performance of the Lords in the context of Brexit has proved that they cannot be trusted to do the right thing for their country.

The conduct of those voting in favour of these amendments is a disgrace.


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